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Given the scope and timeline of this project, EAquitas unfortunately has only scratched the surface; EAquitas acknowledges that school funding issues are more comprehensive than what is presented. So, here is a compilation of other facets on school funding (1) to be considered and researched by the readers, (2) warrant further investigation and examination by experts.

  1. Inconsistent local share calculations do not uniformly and fairly account for a district’s ability to pay;
    1. Establish a more equitable basis for setting the expected local funding.
  2. Arbitrary floors, ceilings, phase-ins, and add-ons to aid amounts distort final funding distributions; and
    1. Eliminate arbitrary adjustments (ie. Hold harmless provisions, phase-in percentages, caps
  3. Outdated measures of poverty understate or overstate need in many districts.
    1. Increase the additional resources allocated to the needs of students in poverty.